Tony Tipton Bio

Tony is from Central-Ohio having grown up and graduated from Westerville South High School.

Tony is a big-time dog lover and over the years many of his customers had the opportunity to know two of his wonderful dogs, a Jack Russell named Tahoe and a German Shepherd named Reno.  Both dogs always brought Tony and his family a lot of joy.  Unfortunately, Tony lost Reno in June 2018, however, a crazy photo of Reno in glasses become known as “Inspector” and the face of the company ever since!

In 2005 Tony started Tee’s Flooring as a one-stop solution for all flooring projects.  He started in the flooring business as a salesman in 1994 and quickly became a consultant for many of the top flooring brands in the industry.

When the economic downturn began hitting the housing market in 2005, customers clearly needed a price break on their flooring projects. In response, Tony decided to open Tee’s Flooring as a full service, customer-centric business model that runs smart and lean.

Please consider booking an appointment with our team in our new Johnstown showroom and if that doesn’t work, we can always bring the samples directly to you.