General Contracing Services

Tee’s Flooring provides one-stop shopping for flooring and general contracting services that include light plumbing and electric, drywall and paint, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, and minor structural improvement projects.

General Contracting Services

This is a list of common services.

Our customers often surprise us with creative requests, so if your ideas are not listed, please contact us to discuss options!

  • Kitchen upgrades include wall and floor tile, backsplash, sinks, countertops and minor structural or design improvements
  • Bathroom upgrades include wall and floor tile, small sink cabinets and back splash, tubs, showers, toilets and minor structural or design improvements
  • Light electric including new light fixtures or wiring/ rewiring required during structural improvement projects or flooring replacement
  • Light plumbing as required to accomplish kitchen and bathroom upgrades and other minor structural projects
  • Drywall installation and paint
  • Backsplash and wall treatments
  • Flooring installations including subfloor and removal of old flooring materials

One Customer’s Project

When this family’s ceiling caved in due to water damage, we found a 3 foot hole surrounded by a large area of sagging, wet drywall. The wall behind it was surface damaged too, but the beautiful hardwood floor (which we installed fifteen years earlier) was in perfect shape. Our team cut out all the damaged drywall and aired out the full ceiling. 

We replaced damaged wood trim and repainted the entire room. We also removed the ceiling fan, re-ran the electric and reinstalled it.

“This project was spectacular! You took my idea and created something better than I ever imagined. I love how my home looks now.” Sue L., Dublin, OH

While we were onsite for this project, our customer had an idea. She had always disliked the wooden spindle wall between this room and her kitchen. She asked if we could knock it partway down and create a tiled bench. Here you can see the results — a beautiful bench that pulls both rooms together.

Not actual project image but close!

At Tee’s Flooring, we’d love to discuss your project. We’ll visit you onsite for a free assessment.

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